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Real Estate Photoshoot

  1. Premium Shoot
    Drone photos from each corner of the roof at 15 and 60 feet;
    Matterport 3D Virtual tour inside the home;
    Two One-Minute video compilations for marketing;
    Professional Wide Angle shots from every corner in each room;
    Bracketed HDR Full Frame Photos;
    Three speciality shots of grounds (pool, grill, etc) of your choosing;
    Full rights to the images.

Reach out to us for pricing, but generally we charge $10 per corner photo, plus a $100 session fee. For example, a home with three bedrooms, two baths, dining, hallway, laundry, and kitchen would be nine rooms with four corners. This allows us to align our rate with the size of a home.

9 rooms x 4 corners x $10 is $360 plus $100 session fee for $460 total.
This fee includes the drone footage, Matterport, marketing video, and three specialty shots.

Multiple listings may enjoy discounts.

Training Rates:

Drone Pilot Certificate, Regular Price: $999
Learn how to fly a drone and capture amazing photos and videos for your next project.

Drone - 12 Private Sessions 60 minutes, Regular Price: $999
Do you prefer a one-on-one mentorship? We offer afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions fo you in Naperville, IL.

Drone Photoshoot - Local, 12 Edited Phots with Sky Replacement , Regular Price: $450
Not sure if you have the skills just yet to get the footage you need? We service the Naperville area and can have your pictures to you in 72 hours in most cases!

Learn from a Licensed FAA Part 107 Pilot!

Request your appoitment below. All appointments are subject to weather and must be approved. To serve you best, all appointments require one day notice and cannot book further than seven days out. Text us for special requests or questions. Cancellation fee if $100 within 24 hours. (312) 766-9372