Eagle: Your Majesty


Namaste friends and fellow yogis
Today we're gonna take flight with the majestic Eagle pose. But don't worry you don't need wings to soar in this pose-just a willingness to spread your arms wide and embrace your inner bird. Now I know Eagle can look intimidating, with all the twisting and wrapping into a human pretzel. But trust me once you get into it, you'll feel like a graceful bird perched on a tree branch.

Let's start with the benefits to the body.  This pose is great for improving balance and strengthening the legs and hips.  Plus as you wrap your arms and squeeze your shoulder blades together, you'll be giving your shoulders and upper back a much-needed stretch. Not only are you getting the benefits for the upper body you are also adding much-appreciated strength to your lower body. 

As you sink into the pose and wrap your legs together, you'll be activating your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It's like a mini workout for your lower half-no gym membership required. Before we move on to the mental health benefits of this pose. We can't forget the amazing benefits Eagle provides our hips. That simple wrap of the legs introduces a needed stretch in the hip flexors and opens up those tight hips. Tight hips are no laughing matter. If you don't believe me, education is power learn all you can to see just how tight hips can turn into something much more severe. 

On a lighter note, let's talk about all the amazing mental health benefits Eagle pose presents. By focusing on your breath and balancing on one leg, you'll be improving your concentration and calming your mind. Think of it as flapping your wings to shake off negativity.  It's like meditation with wings, a Birdseye view of your body-you can feel and see everything from a new perspective.

So spread those wings my friends and let's take flight with Eagle. Don't worry if you wobble a bit or fall out of the posse, just keep in mind, even the most graceful birds have to adjust their feathers from time to time. Our Edge Yoga School family can't wait to meet you.


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