Goddess Strong


Namaste friends and fellow yogis 

Have you ever been introduced to the Goddess? Does she scare you or intimidate you in your practice? Or have you never met her? So many questions, but what else she is the Goddess. She is powerful and strong and she has her very own individual powers. You are the one who chooses what to release when you transform into this queen.  She brings you strength, and support, and invites you to release her in the most inviting manner. 

Where is your inner goddess? She is a power to be reckoned with. Nobody and nothing can knock her over or take her down. She revels in her strength as she stands with her feet wide apart, her knees bent and her arms extended out and up. She summons the core strength and releases tight hips to bring comfort to the next long work day. In her yoga class, she is the queen. She chooses to put herself first and stand in all her greatness.

We invite you to find that inner goddess. Let her guide you to your full potential. Let her awaken your body and release the tension you never knew existed. You, girlfriend, are a goddess that is capable of anything you put your heart, love, and passion into. If you have forgotten that, let Edge Yoga School introduce you to that goddess that is waiting to be released. You two deserve to meet.

Looking for more than just a community, then come on over to our family. Edge Yoga School loves to bring beauty, and gratitude as we walk beside you through your yoga journey.  Don't forget to use the code ChoosingMe. We can't wait to meet you, goddess. 

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