Peaceful Warrior aka Reverse Warrior


Namaste friends and fellow yogis
Let's learn how to be your own warrior with Reverse Warrior.  This is a powerful and empowering yoga pose that releases that inner warrior that we all have hiding somewhere deep inside of us. Not only does Reverse Warrior bring out strength and inner power, but this pose also provides many benefits. Like Tree, this pose can also improve posture. The first secret power of confidence is standing tall and proud. Without a good posture that is hard to attain. In addition to balance this pose also improves flexibility. Reverse warrior, when taught with the right form and movement, could bring relief to back pain and tight muscles. When we breathe into our movement, we allow space to lengthen and strengthen our muscles. Let's remember that movement doesn't come from flexibility it comes from the education of moving with our breath in a dance we call yoga.  

The story isn't over. Let's also speak of the amazing mental wellness benefits this pose provides. As you stretch and breathe you release into the movement. In the moment invite yourself to bring awareness to the calm and focus that washes over you. With each exhale this is the time to release. Release whatever is weighing heavy on your heart or mind. As you exhale back and reach tall to the sky, strong and determined, it's your time to release the warrior within.

Grab your invitation to self-empowerment. Challenge yourself to unveil the resilience and strength you have waiting to be unleashed. Take some time, and let your inner warrior free. So don't be shy. Strike a pose into your Reverse Warrior. 

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