Meditation: Find Your Inner Calm


Namaste fellow friends and yogis
Let's talk about meditation. Before we begin ask answer this one question. How do you define meditation? Does the picture above solidify how you have defined mediation? Meditation can sometimes be intimidating with its preconceived definitive. Sitting still with all that is swarming inside and outside. We want to bring calm to the mind and body. But sometimes our minds just choose not to play along. Sadly that's when meditation is forgotten.  Is there a definition?  Of course, there is a written definition out there. But we are here to attain meditation. There are things you are probably doing now that are already some form of meditation. Let's chat and see if you are already a meditating enthusiast.

Here we go, with some nontraditional forms of meditation that are too fun not to discuss.

  1. Taking a bubble bath.
  2. Turning on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching.
  3. Create and bring calm to the mind
  4. Laughing honestly is the best medicine.  
  5. Let nature speak to you
Do we see a pattern? Whatever brings joy to your heart. A smile on your face. Whatever brings calm to your mind and body. A peace that washes over you like warm rain on a hot day. Or a rainbow that shines bright in the sky after a horrific storm. Whatever brings realization to the inner calm that lies beneath, that is meditation.  Remember the question you asked yourself when we began. Has your answer changed? Or are you a meditative guru? 

Either way friend we hope we are bringing you an awareness and clarity of what yoga brings to your life. We would love to chat with you. Let's connect and add you to our community. We would love to have you over at Edge Yoga School

Namaste friend. 

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