A Pigeon's Prayer: A Glance to the Oneness


 Namaste friends and fellow yogis

Today, we want to introduce you to a pose that's like a warm, fuzzy hug for your soul- the delightful Prayer pose. This pose is the perfect opportunity to hit the pause button, reconnect with yourself and find your Zen zone.  So grab your mat and let's dive into this heartwarming posture, describing all the benefits from the physical, to the mental and emotional benefits. 

This yoga pose is like a mini vacation for your mind, a chance to hit that reset button and find your Zen mode. In prayer you are able to calm your mind, by inviting a sense of tranquility and stillness, allowing your busy mind to settle. Finding emotional balance is easily attainable in the Prayer pose. It encourages mindful awareness of your breath and body. By focusing your attention on the sensation of your breath flowing in and out, you can let go of distractions and harness a state of deep mindfulness.  As we focus on our breath we bring gratitude for the blessings in our lives. This simple act can shift your perspective, promoting a positive mindset and opening your heart to abundance.

Now that we covered mental and emotional benefits let's bring our focus to the physical benefits of Prayer pose. 

  • Improved Posture
This pose promotes proper alignment, helping alleviate tension in the shoulders, neck, and upper back. Regular practice can contribute to better posture and a stronger core.

  • Opening of the Chest and Shoulders
By pressing your hands together in front of your heart you are gently stretching and opening the chest and shoulders. This can counteract the effect of prolonged sitting and improve overall upper-body flexibility.

  • Strengthening the arm
Maintaining the Prayer pose engages the muscles in your arms, particularly the biceps and triceps. Over time, this can lead to increased arm strength and toning.

  • Deepening breath awareness 
This pose offers diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly breathing. This deep breathing enhances lung capacity, oxygenates the body, and promotes a sense of relaxation.

So my dear friend and yogi, take some time to bring your hands together in front of your heart. Embrace the serenity and self-connection that Prayer pose offers. Let it become a symbol of gratitude, mindfulness, and balance in your journey on and off the mat. We got a little deeper into this pose with more terminology and a deeper dive into yogic terms. Here at Edge Yoga School, we love sharing and teaching in so many different aspects and styles. We would love to share more with you,

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