Namaste fellow friends and yogis.

Today we are going to talk about the beloved pose, Tree.  Not only does this pose make you look like a graceful tree blowing in the wind, but it also brings a vast array of benefits to your mind body, and soul. Now let's break it down in a way that we all can respect and fall in love with this amazing pose. The reality is when we attempt tree pose for the very first time, we can feel a little awkward a little off balance. That's the fun part of Yoga the practices and the progress, not the perfection. If you're not wobbling, if you don't feel off balance, then chances are you've done this before. Or you're already a natural. 

The first piece of advice we should all remember is we need to wobble, we need to shake, and we need to feel like a baby beginning to walk. Without this feeling of uncertainty, we are sure to miss out on the amazing benefits of yoga and the practice. Embrace the wobbling and find the balance within. Keeping in mind that success comes with practice. With the right guidance, before you know it, you'll be a tree that's so rooted, the worse storm imaginable couldn't knock you down.

One of the main benefits of Tree pose, it helps improve your posture. So if you're someone who spends most of your day slouching over your computer or your phone, Tree Pose is the pose for you. Just make sure you don't get too comfortable and start growing leaves and branches. 

Another benefit of tree pose, it helps you feel grounded. This pose encourages you to connect with the earth and feel the support it provides. But let's be honest, sometimes we need more than the Earth to feel grounded in our everyday lives. So if you're feeling a bit unsteady, remember your guide is within you. Have you got the answer? It's your breath. Your breath is your guide to your support, and strength within. When that wobble starts to feel out of your control, connect with your breath. Steady your gaze. Visualize you are a strong tree rooted, unshakeable, anchored into the soil.  Your extended arms are the branches that bring you the flow in the dance. The dance that allows you to let go of that of which you can't control.

Lastly, let's not forget the best part of Tree pose, it's a great time to give yourself a hug. After we stand strong with our arms raised in strength.  We take the time to lower our branches. Bringing our hands to slide down to heart center, and give gratitude. In our Edge Yoga School community,  we focus on the benefits of putting ourselves first. So take those hands from heart center and wrap them tightly around your shoulders. Feel the love you give yourself. A hug that is always needed, and never forgotten.  Who knows, someday your tree may be so strong it grows branches. Branches that could provide shade, and protection to other friends and yogis.

Have you been looking for your community? Why not join our family we would love to have you. It's OK to choose you. It's not selfish to invest in you. Why not give Edge Yoga School a look?  Don't forget to use the code ChoosingME to get a VIP perk. We can't wait to meet you, friend.

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